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Full-stack digital media services

Our story

Marshall Arts Digital Design Graphic

Starting in 2009 from a small suburban garage, Marshall Art's was founded with a love for creative media and passion for story telling. We specialised in Audio production for film and TV before branching out in Video Editing and then app and web development. Over the last 15 years we have created content for some of the biggest brands in the world telling their stories online, on film and on air. 

Watch the video below - its about us

The work we do

Since then Marshall Arts Provides world class audio, video & script writing services for the film, television, radio, print & music industries across South Africa.

Marshall Arts Graphic Design Work

Who we are now

In 2021 the company provides world class digital media solutions for online businesses, specialising in online events, e-commerce solutions and digital marketing for web and social media. 


Today Marshall arts has over 1000 Audio recording hours, 2000 video hours, over 50 brand development projects & more than 100 world class websites with international clients. 

Our charity websites have raised over $320 000 in America for the Black Panther Party's initiative Save The Hampton House.

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