In all medias of design from websites & to TVC's 

We're all about the

Multi-Media Showcase

2020 - 2021 Web, video, audio & graphic  portfolio showcase

100+ Websites Built

120+ Livestream events, 10 international virtual product launches, 5 online stores, 50 virtual conference meetings, 15 blog sites, 30 international clients

Our experience creating online platforms is extensive. We have helped 100's of clients bring their business to the world wide market.

Livestreaming, E-commerce, Live Events, Product Launches, Corporate Seminars, Online shops, Blogs, Music, Health, fitness, Logistics , Portfolios 

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Video Camera
200+ Video Hours

5 Awards for videography & directing, 2 feature films, 5 48-hour short films, 12 music videos & a dedicated team for video & editing content.

Film recording, music videos, corporate content creation, colour grading, editing & producing

1000+ Audio
Recording hours

11 albums, 167 adverts, 10 audio books & over 300 voice overs for high end international movies, radio campaigns and TVC.

Radio adverts, Screen & script Voice Overs, Music recording, Film Dubs /subtitles & SFX - Sound Effects, Audio Describe, Telecoms


The Virtual Boardroom 

Virtual Reality 

This is a 3D virtual meeting room for networking, online livestreaming & virtual meetups

Design your virtual reality space today 

50+ Custom Graphics 

35 Logos, 5 3D Virtual events, 2 TV adverts, 50 Custom websites artworks, 15 business Infographics, 3 2D animation

3D & 2D Animation, logo design, Infographics, vector illustrations, Product design, 3D printing

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