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Live event organizers who have gone virtual are known as virtual event organizers.

We're thrilled to be a part of helping South African brands establish a presence in the worldwide realm of digital events.

We collaborate with leading industry experts from all around the world and strive to be the greatest virtual event company in South Africa.

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Why choose Marshall Arts as your Virtual Conference Organisers

Consider Marshall Arts to be your own event planning team.

Our vast 'in person' event experience, along with the technical expertise of the teams with whom we collaborate, resulting in a solid turnkey solution that assures you have the finest virtual event presence possible.

We're a one-stop shop that can help you with anything from choosing a virtual platform to enhancing the experience with live streaming, 2D or 3D features, and sharing best presenting practices.

Enjoy virtual conferences, meetings, seminars & more

Virtual events (and the numerous potential benefits that come with them) have been around for a while. The Covid-19 crisis, on the other hand, has made virtual conferencing and meetings essential.

Aside from allowing us to interact and engage without having to meet in person, online events offer a number of other benefits:


  • Participants can simply attend from any location on the planet.

  • Virtual expos, conferences, and exhibitions can be set up for a fraction of the expense of a physical event and can last for months.

  • Having guests travel to your place is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable choice.

  • Other technologies, such as social media, video conferencing apps, or even virtual reality technology, can be easily integrated to supplement your sessions.

Marshall Arts is the online events provider that can let you communicate with guests and perform your day-to-day business safely, securely, and remotely through virtual events.

What are virtual events?

The Marshall Arts virtual events platform is a one-of-a-kind portal that allows you to construct your own custom virtual event, exhibition, or conference to dazzle your virtual visitors! We have a variety of themes to suit your brand image as well as the type of your event.

Once your virtual conference platform is up, your attendees may use it to obtain all the information they need about the event and then attend the event, meeting, or virtual team building session when the time comes. A video greeting from your CEO, downloadable materials, info packs or PDFs, a session with an accomplished speaker, and even virtual chat groups are some of the features you may include. There's no limit to what you can achieve!

Our staff will be with you every step of the way, whether you're having a small online conference or a large virtual expo, to help you create a memorable digital experience! Marshall Arts is a South African virtual events business with a diversified portfolio and experience in a variety of industries.

Virtual events benefit your business. Here’s how:

Here are just some of the many benefits that come with taking your events virtual!

  • Live Whatsapp, group chat, and emailing are all possible.

  • Social media is fully integrated, including real-time engagement.

  • You can make money from your events if you want to.

  • Tracking of analytics (This enables us to improve the quality of your future event!

  • Through a uniquecoded video system, CPD accreditation is accessible.

  • Ideal for corporate training, conferencing, expos, messaging, and online events.

  • Use live sessions from other platforms, such as ZOOM, to supplement your content.

  • Protected by a password

  • For up to a year, your portal will be available.

  • A totally customized, one-of-a-kind event platform created in South Africa, by South Africans for South Africans.

  • The ability to run both a B2B and a B2C platform at the same time, as well as different degrees of user access

  • For all levels of users, fully interactive and simple to explore.

  • Fully customizable, with a large selection of styles, animatics, and designs to choose from

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Types of virtual events our platform supports

Whether it’s an intimate meeting, a company-wide event or a massive public expo, we pride ourselves on being able to take any real-world event into the digital realm! Some examples include…

  • Corporate meetings

  • Virtual exhibitions

  • Conferences

  • Virtual expos

  • Seminars

  • Virtual team building activities

  • Brainstorming workshops

  • Training sessions and more


We can also assist with virtual event marketing to ensure your online gathering is a roaring success!

Planning tips for virtual events in South Africa

Marshall Arts' team of specialists will be there for you every step of the way to help you design the ultimate virtual event! Here are some pointers we give our clients to get them started on their planning:

The optimal virtual platform to employ will be determined by the type, function, and length of your event. Conferences, training, and exhibits, for example, will benefit from a longer format platform that allows users to come and go as they want and interact with virtual stands at their leisure from home. This is especially necessary now since most people have more things to juggle, such as their personal and professional lives.

On live webcam systems like ZOOM, 'live events' with a shorter time span of a few hours or less (such as company or client meetings) tend to operate better. Networking sessions, speakers, and live entertainment feeds may all be incorporated using tools like Microsoft Teams and REMO.

What makes Marshall Arts the best virtual events company in South Africa

Unlike other virtual events providers, we can provide a complete turnkey solution, from hosting webcam platforms like ZOOM to customizing a full virtual exhibition platform on TF Virtual in collaboration with you. Marshall Arts also offers access to some of South Africa's best live feed studios, all of which are equipped with the most cutting-edge Green Screen equipment!

We can also make sure you have the best bands, artists, and presenters in whatever format you need. Virtual events in South Africa have just gotten a whole lot more exciting, with everything from live in-studio performances to pre-recorded 'as live' films including SA's top talent from all across the country.

Basic Webinar

  • 30 min - 4 hour webinar

  • Registration portal

  • Polls and Q&As

  • Chatbox

  • Pre-event loading of presentations, hand out docs, polls, videos etc.

  • Presenter briefing document

  • 1 hour rehearsal with presenters in the portal

Large Scale Stage Set Ups

  • 30 min - 4 hour webinar

  • Registration portal

  • Polls and Q&As

  • Chatbox

  • Pre-event loading of presentations, hand out docs, polls, videos etc.

  • Presenter briefing document

  • Rehearsals on site

  • Cutting edge stage set up with a full bouquet of the latest tech equipement including Sound, lighting and AV.

  • Live streamed of pre recorded

Greenscreen Studio

  • 30 min - 4 hour webinar

  • Registration portal

  • Polls and Q&As

  • Chatbox

  • Pre-event loading of presentations, hand out docs, polls, videos etc.

  • Presenter briefing document

  • rehearsal with presenters on site before going live

  • Greenscreen and Live streaming set up (ie lights, camera, action & on site tech team)

  • Live streamed or pre-recorded
    Pop Up Studio on-site

2D / 3D Virtual Conference

  • Multiple breakaway rooms

  • Networking functionality

  • Speaker bios and contact details

  • Sponsor branding

  • Custom virtual environments 

  • Infinite possibilities!

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