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How much does a website cost? We've got the best priced website development services on the internet. MarshallArts develops high end websites at reasonable budgets with knowledge and expertise to advise the right solution for your project goals. 

Audio Production

For over 10 years we have been producing high quality audio products for film, TV and radio. We have medium size recording studio in Sandton South Africa and we have produced music albums, film scores and radio jingles there, but our main focus is voice over work for digital platforms. 

Starting price: $999.00

Graphic Design

We are experts in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and lightroom. Optimising media - especially images - for the web is our bread and butter. We have an eye for design and mind for digital performance. 

Starting price: $149.00


Marshall Arts provides full stack videography services for online videos that drive engagement for websites and social media campaigns. We understand how to deliver video on the web.

Starting price: $249.00

Virtual Events

Marshall Arts specialises in providing high end virtual event to major corporate companies across the globe. We provide secure, enterprise solutions that deliver high impact messages. From concerts to awards ceremonies and everything in between Marshall Arts is an online vent specialist. 

Starting price: $1999.00

Wix Coding - Velo Experts

Do you need custom API's or javascript on your website. If you need a developer to install single sign-on, build custom features or help fix your code, MarshallArts are Velo Experts

Starting price: $399.00

Website Fixing

Do you want to fix your Wix website. We have fixed 100's of Wix website for all kinds of businesses. If you need your site fixed up, modified, optimised or improved, get in touch with us today. 

Starting price: $149.00

Website Construction

Want to build the website of your dreams for the budget you've been wishing for? Marshall Arts knows how utilise the right technology for each project.

Starting price: $499.00

Search Engine Optimisation

We know how to get sites to rank at the top of Google search results. Marshall arts can increase your SEO through performance and value driven content. 

Starting price: $249.00


Jane Littleton Profile Picture - 5 Star Review Marshall Arts

Jane Littleton, Marketing Director

I've used Marshall Arts for three of my campaigns now. The microsite solution they have developed is truly phenomenal and I will definitely use Michael and his team again. 

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