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Case Study: The New You Skincare

KFC Africa faced a significant challenge when they needed to host their franchisee summit during the early months of lockdown. However, Marshall Arts came to their rescue and developed a solution that enabled KFC Africa to connect with franchisees all across Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo.

Marshall Arts built a website for KFC Africa that provided a reliable and effective platform for hosting the summit remotely. This website enabled KFC Africa to conduct the summit seamlessly and allowed franchisees to participate in the event from anywhere on the continent.

Thanks to the innovative solution provided by Marshall Arts, KFC Africa was able to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic and continue to connect with franchisees throughout Africa. The website developed by Marshall Arts provided KFC Africa with a reliable and effective tool for reaching out to their franchisees, regardless of location.



KFC Africa faced a number of challenges in their quest to host private meetings in a branded and secure space accessible only to invited guests. One of the key requirements for this platform was the ability to be fully functional on mobile and desktop and streamable to every region in Africa.

To meet these challenges, KFC Africa needed a high level of security and restricted access through pre-authorised email addresses. Additionally, the platform needed to provide live streaming and HD video meetings, as well as questionnaires and polls for audience engagement. A live chat feature was also required, with moderation to ensure a safe and productive space for discussion.

Another critical aspect was the ability to track attendance of events and user chats through analytics, providing valuable insights for future events.

These challenges demanded a platform that could seamlessly integrate all of these requirements, while ensuring the utmost security and privacy. KFC Africa turned to Marshall Arts to design and build a custom platform that met all their needs and exceeded their expectations.

With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology, Marshall Arts was able to deliver a fully functional and secure platform that enabled KFC Africa to host successful private meetings, engaging with their invited guests across the continent.

Marshall Arts provided KFC Africa with a solution that exceeded their requirements for a secure, branded, and accessible platform for hosting private meetings. With our expertise in videography and video editing, we were able to assist and facilitate the secure transfer and uploading of videos for KFC Africa's events.

Our solution allowed KFC Africa to successfully host multiple franchisee events with over 5000 participants in total, providing live streaming, HD video meetings, questionnaires/polls, live chat with moderation, and analytics on attendance and user chats. This enabled cross-continental engagement during a time when in-person meetings were impossible due to lockdown restrictions.

Our clever blend of technologies allowed our client to conduct business as usual during an unprecedented time. We are proud to have provided KFC Africa with a secure and reliable platform that allowed them to continue their operations seamlessly.



The Results Are IN!


Active Participants


Artwork and Graphics


The video on the KFC Africa website shows close-up shots of the meals being made in both full and slow motion, capturing the process of how the food is prepared. The upbeat music adds to the excitement of the visuals, creating an enjoyable viewing experience. The shots of the chicken being dropped into the deep fryer are especially compelling, as they show how the food is cooked to perfection.

At the end of the video, the bucket of chicken is zoomed in on, providing a satisfying conclusion to the cooking process. The cook leaving to attend to the next meal emphasizes the speed and efficiency of KFC's service.

This graphic prominently featured the iconic face of Col. Harland Sanders, the founder of the KFC franchise. This grey background was complemented with other elements such as the livestream, logos, and additional graphics. The addition of his autograph and dark grey spills added a subtle touch to the design, while the three trademark red lines at the top and bottom center of the graphic provided a unique brand identifier.

Additional Features


Custom Domain / Fully Whitelabeled

In addition to the secure website and videography services provided to KFC Africa, Marshall Arts also offered custom domain name registration and fully whitelabeled solutions. This ensured that the KFC Africa events platform was fully branded and aligned with their company's vision.

On-Site Support

Marshall Arts also provided on-site support during the events, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and any technical issues were resolved quickly. This level of support helped to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for the attendees.

Technical Support During Events

Finally, the technical support provided during the events was essential in ensuring that the platform ran smoothly and all attendees had a positive experience. Marshall Arts' technical team was available at all times to handle any issues that arose, ensuring that the events were a resounding success.



In conclusion, Marshall Arts' comprehensive solution for KFC Africa's virtual events during the pandemic proved successful and allowed the company to continue conducting business as usual. With secure and fully accessible platforms, on-site support, and technical support during events, Marshall Arts exceeded expectations by providing engaging and interactive experiences. We pride ourselves on being a digital solutions agency that offers a range of services, from SEO and audio production to graphic design and virtual event planning. As a top Wix partner and having helped hundreds of brands achieve their goals online, we are confident that we can provide effective solutions to meet any digital need. If you're looking for a reliable partner to help your business thrive online, choose Marshall Arts for unparalleled expertise and service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital goals.

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