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Performance sportswear brand powerfully revamped and elegantly remastered, increasing website traffic by 28%.


Web, Desktop & Mobile


Redesigned Website & Marketing Strategy approached us to redesign their website, all while ensuring a seamless and efficient ecommerce experience. The numbers speak for themselves, as we've achieved a phenomenal 138% surge in unique visitors after three months, and an impressive 28% increase in site visitors one month after launch.

Meet the Client

F4URCE is a premier sportswear brand and the brain child of Darren Blake. Based in the UK, Darren is dedicated to empowering long distance runners with high-performance gear. Their expertise lies in crafting top-notch sportswear that pushes the boundaries of comfort and endurance, allowing athletes to achieve their best performance. The Founder's name is Darren Blake.

Understanding the Problem

When F4URCE first approached us, their brand suffered from inconsistency, with varied styles and colors that resulted in a dissonant and confusing user experience, ultimately diminishing the sense of power that a promising brand like theirs should exude. Moreover, user flow issues were prevalent, as the website lacked clear calls to action for sales, hindering potential conversions. 

Inconsistency in Design and Lack of CTA

Inconsistent Colours

A new website
With an impact

Our first task was to tackle the website and give it an overhaul that look and felt true to F4URCE's brand identity. On the backdrop of a black and white design we used a popping red to grab the users attention.

Darren Blake, Founder of F4URCE

Call to Action

A core focus of the redesign was getting F4URCE's awesome sportswear front and center on the website. We wanted users to know when they arrive on the website what products F4URCE has to offer. By using F4URCE's slogans and motivational quotes, we made it clear that getting in on the products is a must!

This is what they're all about

F4URCE's sportswear truly is one of a kind, and we wanted users to know that! By putting the tech spec on the top of the homepage, users can familiarise themselves with what the sportswear has to offer, making it just that more enticing to have.

Typography &

Font Families



Din Next Light


Marketing & Social Media

Our final step was to let the world know what F4URCE has been up to. We helped F4URCE create a marketing campaign and designed eye-catching graphics to inform followers about the movement on F4URCE's website as well as their products. Not only did we market their products, but we also got blog posts ready as well as some inspirational quotes that users can take with them on their daily run.

And the Result?

We helped F4URCE increase user traffic on their website by 30% on average. The website now has a consistent design that people can trust and rely on for their sports attire and content. We helped by creating a growing marketing campaign to help bring in more followers, but also to help keep users motivated and inspired.


Increase in website visits one month after launch

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