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Building a Wix Website Yourself Versus Hiring a Wix Partner

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Most of my clients are the former - they decided to build their website themselves until they became the latter - they hired me, a wix partner, to build it for them.

So why do so many DIY business owners eventually revert to hiring a professional agency to build and manage their Wix websites? Isn't Wix so easy that you can do everything on your own? Well yes, and no.

Wix is really easy - that's no lie - but building a site on WIx can take time and if you don't know what you are doing or have a solid plan for your work, that time can be years.

A website is really big thing. It is not just the sum of the "home" page and the "about us" section. The website is more than just the design, the content the call to action, the SEO strategy, the marketing and the domain management. A website is business tool which allows you the business owner to interact with customers, promote now offerings and manage leads while analysing the performance of marketing strategies, SEO campaigns, sales leads and more.

A digital agency know s how to do all of this plus a whole lot more. At Marshall Arts, our clients often begin with a really big idea and very overly complicated website. They arrive at our doorstep, because their site has become confusing, frustrating and still doesn't seem to bring in customers.

We always assess our client's businesses and websites with an open mind and can usually find simplified, smart ways of achieving complex tasks, because we know the technologies that are available and we know how to integrate them efficiently.

If you are building your own wix website, I wish you the best of luck and want you to know that. there are hundreds of Wix Partners out there just like Marshall Arts who are skilled in web development and can help you achieve your business goals.


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