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Hire a developer South Africa (10 reasons why)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

If you're looking at hiring a developer you've probably realised that you can source them from all over the world. So where is the best country to hire a developer? My bet is on South Africa, here are the reasons why:

Marshall Arts is a proudly South African Digital Media Agency

Benefits of hiring a developer in South Africa

  1. South African developers are good value for money, South Africa has always been known for it's skilled workers and because their currency is undervalued, their professional service rates are very cheap compared to many countries.

  2. South African developers are innovative. Because they come from a poorer economy, many developers in South Africa have to be creative and learn different (cheaper) ways of solving problems.

  3. South African's have a knack for service. Because South African's are hungry ffor work they usually go the extra mile to please their client's - especially clients who pay in Dollars or Euros.

  4. South African's get better regional prices. Because they come from a "developing nation" many online products are offered cheaper. Major SAAS providers use regional pricing models for their online services. This means South Africans can often buy internet subscriptions for cheaper than an American or European can.

  5. South African's are known for creativity. South Africa is a country that excels in the arts. Many developers in South Africa also have skills in graphic design and other forms of digital art. This is especially helpful when you are designing a website on a budget.

  6. Coding is a universal language and South African's are good at languages. South Africa has 13 national languages and many South African citizens are multi-lingual. This surely offers an advantage when learning new coding languages. Either way, java-script is the same for an American developer as it is for a South African developer, so why ay the American developer more money to write in the same language.

  7. South African's work long hours. South African's don't have daylight savings or other environmental factors that shorten their days. In South Africa the sun is up all year round and the average South African spends most of their day (and night) working.

  8. South African's have world class universities and schools. Private education South Africa is desirable around the world and with these graduates entering into a global job pool, there is a lot of untapped potential in the South African workforce.

  9. South Africa needs support. If you are an American or European spending money on South African services you are helping uplift their nation and economy, which is important for world order.

  10. South African's know how to barter. If you are price hunting, get into a barter with a South African. They are often willing to negotiate on price and do things at bulk discounts.

I hope you agreed with the points on this list. If you want to share other countries you think are the best places to source developers or if you have other reasons why South African's should be top of the list, let us know in the comments. Of course if you disagree, we'd love to hear your thoughts too!


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