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How Google's 2022 Broad Core Update affects your Wix website

Google releases one or two changes to its algorithms daily; most of them are not noticeable. BUT a few times a year, Google will officially announce a “core update.”

According to Search Engine Journal, "A core update refers to broad changes to Google's algorithm and systems that cause notable fluctuations in search results"

This year (in September) Google is releasing its latest Broad core update and their focus is on credibility, trust and user experience. Critically sites with lots of ads and a bad user experience especially on mobile will start to get penalties to their rankings even if the content is good. This is a game changing shift. Another big shift comes in the way that short form content is ranked so long as it exceeds user expectations.

So what does an algorithm update mean?

Basically an algorithm update refers to the machine learning algorithm that is the core of Google's search engine. A machine learning algorithm is a type of computer code that completes tasks using a type of Artificial Intelligence. The google algorithm is used for searching the web to find content that users want to see based on their search queries.

The update this year really speaks to the experience users have on websites. Google wants users to be able trust the websites that google refers them to. Google also wants the user to find the information they are looking for easily without too much clutter, upselling techniques, affiliate links or adverts. Google is getting smarter in the way it picks up affiliate links so be sure to be transparent about any affiliate links on your website because if Google feels that you are being dishonest about an affiliate link it could hurt your ranking.

So how does the Google Core update affect your Wix Website? Everytime Google updates their algorithm it is wise to audit your content and make sure you don't have any content that goes against the main ethos

EAT - with a big focus on expertise

Expertise, what does it mean? Expertise is basically your websites ability to convey expertise in their field. Showing Expertise can sometimes be tricky but the best way to do it is to show experience and show the experience of the people who work in the company. Is there evidence that this article is written by an expert in the subject or just an eager hobbyist who knows the subject demonstrably well. You need to clearly demonstrate that your content displays expertise.

You can increase your expertise by having a page on your website that describes everyone involved in writing your content or doing the work your business does). Iff you are not writing your own content but you are the business owner who does work, consider having an interviewer ask you questions and try your best to answer naturally. Once you have transcribed the verbal interview you can have an SEO expert go over that interview content and optimise it for SEO. This is one of the best ways to show Google your website has experts involved in its content.

If you can, reach out to experts in your field and ask them for an interview, in a recent poll conducted by Lily Ray an SEO expert from New York, 44% of people said they would happily contribute to an interview no incentive.

Expertise and authoritativeness can increase a websites quality and quality websites are what Google is looking to show its users.

If you concerned that your website might need updating for this Google Core update then get in touch with us today. Marshall Arts can run an SEO audit on your Wix website and give you a detailed report on your sites SEO ranking and how to improve it.

The biggest thing seems to be adverts that take over the whole screen especially when on Mobile. Website that have overbearing adverts that make it difficult to scroll or just get in the way or even are just constantly present will be affected the most by this update.

Wix Websites and the Google Core Update

If you have a Wix website and you are running Google Ads on your website you may be at risk of ranking penalties after this update. If you are concerned about your site reach out to a partner through the Wix Marketplace, where you have hundreds of Wix Experts globally to help you with your Wix website SEO.

The September core update means that every time Google updates its search ranking algorithms, your Wix website may get better or worse results in search results. Stay tuned for analysis and rankings over the next few weeks and for more Wix Website content to help you with your site.


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