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My experience using the Slido Professional Plan is an amazing tool for conducting online engagement. If you want a cool way to run polls on a Microsoft teams meeting or if you want a chat forum that works for hybrid events, then is defintely worth some consideration.

If you want to learn more about pricing you can click here

If you want to sign up and get a account click here.

*note there are no sponsored links here, I am just sharing my professional experience with Slido and how I have used it for hybrid and virtual events since March 2020.

Ive been using Slido for virtual interactions for a while now and there is one main reason. Moderation of comments and phenomenal moderators dashboard that is really easy and intuitive to use right from the moment you start using it.

I give moderator access directly to my end clients who are genrally marketing execs with sever technophobia. But despite their aversion to technology and website related doo dads and what nots, they all immediately take to and some even express that the moderator dashboard is (and I quote) "fun". I mean, I'm not saying the dashboard is not fun, but i think it's kinda revealing when someone expresses that it is... Gosh I'm judgemental...

Slido as a tool for audience Q&A with the added featire of moderation of comments is really the crux of what is all about but's other killer feature is the polls. allows you to create several types of polls and even create a survey comprising of all the polls. You can even create a Quiz using and I think I want to write a whole blog about making a quiz night website using just and free Wix template. (reach out in the comments if you would like to see that).

Anyway, so you can make polls and surveys out of polls (and quizzes!), which is awesome but the most important thing is that you can embed all of that right onto your website or integrate straight into Microsoft teams in the mere click of a few buttons.

I use to build rapid sites a lot and I can embed right into a wix website using their standard iFram embed element with just a couple of clicks.

So why do I use and are there alternatives for my use case? Well I haven't found an alternative that provides a livestream chat feature and poll facility for livestream events that has such a killer moderator dashboard and ALSO comes with a really solid mobile friendly embeddable "participant mode" PLUS a mobile friendly and super well visualised "presenter mode".

All these features bundled up into one allow me to provide some pretty insane experiences for my clients.

This week (Nov, 2021) we are doing a hybrid event for a client that is being live-streamed to the event website that I built. The partcipants of the event are able to chat with other through The remote participants are watching the livestreaming and chatting on next to the livestream player, but the audience present at the event venue were able to download and chat with the online audience directly through the chat and just by scanning a QR code.

Now just chatting would be pretty cool, but we are able to run competitions too using the poll feature. Every so often there is a timed poll and the first 10 participants to answer the poll correctly receives an SMS voucher code as a prize. This dramatically increases engagement not only online but at the event venue with real life attendees. This is one of the most perfect examples of a hybrid event I have seen yet.

We have loads more in store for the rest of this week and I am excited to see how the team at continue to develop their platform and really take the world of engagement to the next level.

So that's it for my use-case blog, let me know your thoughts in the comments or get in touch with us if you want to work with Marshall Arts

Marshall Arts is a digital agency that services clients in the UK, Texas, South Africa, Australia Singapore, Brazil and more. Based in Sandton South Africa, Marshall Arts has been pushing the boundaries of digital media since 2009.

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