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Top 20 reasons to use Wix to build your website

In 2023 there is no doubt that your business needs a website if you are going to keep up with the competition. Whether you are a plumber, a florist or a doctor the chances are that your customers will expect you to have a professional looking website which tells them about you and your services. Of course if you operate a shop in your town then you definitely should take advantage of the massive marketplace that e commerce opens you up to or perhaps you are not currently working and you're thinking of starting blog to generate some cash.

There is every reason to create in 2023 and no good reasons why your business should not have one, so how do you go about creating a website for your business without breaking the bank. My recommendation is to use a website builder like

a screenshot showing the available templates on
Template selector on

Here are my top reasons why you should consider Wix to build your website:

  1. Easy drag-and-drop website editor

  2. No coding or design skills required

  3. Wide range of customizable templates

  4. Built-in e-commerce functionality

  5. Mobile optimization is simple

  6. SEO tools and guidance are readily available

  7. Built-in web hosting (this is big one!)

  8. Integrated apps and widgets to five your site all kind of features

  9. 24/7 customer support

  10. Affordable pricing plans

  11. Social media integrations

  12. Custom domains available all from the Wix platform

  13. Secure hosting for online payments

  14. Analytics and tracking to improve your site over time

  15. Forms and contact options

  16. Video backgrounds and animations and a huge selection of images to decorate your site

  17. Access to a large community of Wix Partners who can assist you when you get stuck

  18. Ability to create a blog

  19. Option to create a multilingual site

  20. Integration with Google Maps, YouTube, and other popular platforms.

Of course there are a load of other website builders out there.

My favourite alternatives to Wix (in order of how easy they are to use)

At Marshall Arts we have used Wix to build over 250 websites. Our reason for choosing Wix is for the incredible diversity of tools that Wix has available and the impeccable security standards that their websites conform to. Of course if you feel like you just want a simple website with few features that does what it needs to really quickly, then i recommend checking out Strikingly or Google Sites


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