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  • Mbali Mbatha

Website Content Marketing Using Wix

Marketing your website is an essential part of your success as a business. For most, the basics of website marketing are an enigma that keeps

us up at night. So if you are just starting out on with your first website and you are wondering how you're going to market your new website, check out this blog post below for some advice and tips.

In this article we'll cover:

  • Domain name

  • Business email

  • Social media posts

  • Blog posts

  • Email Marketing

  • Online shop


You have a voucher for a free domain. You can claim this domain voucher by navigating to your site dashboard, clicking "Connect Your Own Domain" and then choosing a domain that you like.

How to add a domain to your wix website
Finding the add your own domain button on the Wix dashboard

With the voucher, you can get the TLDR ".com", ".online" and more, in fact, most "internationally recognized" TLDRs are available through- which one you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Where your domain name can have an impact on your marketing is in the element of brand trust. For example, if I am looking to buy a pair of shoes online, I may feel more comfortable making the purchase on a South African website because I will automatically assume that this website ships within my country. So, I would be more likely (as a South African) to buy shoes from than from a website called

Marshall Arts facilitates the purchasing and registering of domain names for a lot of our clients, in the last 3 years we have registered over 350 domains with all kinds of TLDRs. If you would like Marshall Arts to register a domain name for your business, please contact us and we'll walk you through the process of working with us. Importantly, you can register multiple domains for the same website - this is called Domain Brand Protection. You can also set up redirects so that a user will be directed to the local TLDR based on their location - this can be especially helpful if you are an established brand that wants to branch out into new territories.

Business email

Wix offers a Business Email solution that works through Google Workspace. It is then possible to connect your Google Workspace email to your Microsoft Outlook account or just simply use the Gmail browser app. This feature IS NOT included in the Business Unlimited Premium Plan. Wix Resells these plans by Google and they cost about $144 per year.

how to setup Business email on Wix
Finding the Business email setup on the Wix Dashboard

You can get a business email from Wix/ Google by navigating to your site dashboard, clicking on the "Get a business email" button, and following the steps.

Alternatively, if you purchase a domain from, you can then also register an email address with them and link that to your Microsoft Outlook (or apple mail) account.

If you would like Marshall Arts to set up an email address for you with we can do so and charge a fee of R1080.00 per year.

Social Media Posts (Images for Instagram and Facebook)

You can create social media posts with your logo using They also have a great mobile app for your iPhone. You can also create posts using Wix. Navigate to the site dashboard, click on marketing and SEO, then click social marketing. This will allow you to create social media posts via templates that Wix provides. Canva also offers easy-to-use templates. Both are "free" with paid versions.

How to create social Media posts on Wix
Finding the Social Marketing button on Wix

Marshall Arts offers social media packages for our clients with the below standard rates

  • 1 post = R240

  • 4 Posts = R700

  • 8 Posts = R1250

  • 12 Posts = R1800

If you take one of the options on a yearly basis and pay for the year upfront we offer a 10% discount. So for example, if you want 4 posts per month for 1 year the price would be 700 X 12 - 10% = R7560. This would be for a total of 48 social media posts (this works out to R15.75 per post).

One of the benefits of working with us is that we would work with you to ensure that your posts are professionally designed, and take into account major holidays and social media events.

Blog posts

You can write a blog post on Wix using the blog feature and this will automatically publish the posts to your site. You can also set posts to schedule throughout the year. It is wise to time your blog posts with your social media campaigns and email marketing campaigns. You can write posts by navigating to your site dashboard, clicking on Blog, and then Posts.

How to create a Blog post on Wix
Creating a Blog post using Wix

Marshall Arts offers blog writing services just like the social media post services with the below pricing structures:

All blog posts will be approximately 2000 words (5 - 7 min read time) which is optimum for SEO.

  • 1 Blog Post = R1250

  • 2 Blog Posts = R2250

  • 3 Blog Posts = R3000

  • 4 Blog Posts = R3500

If you pay upfront for the blog writing service for 1 year then Marshall Arts applies a 10% discount. For example, if you opt for 4 blog posts per month for 1 year you will pay R3500 X 12 - 10% = R37 800.00 (R787.50 per blog post).

Marshall arts will then schedule your blog posts to post (4 posts per month) and will make sure that they are strategically positioned alongside major internet events, holidays, and your business's promotional schedule.

Email Marketing

Wix allows you to send three email marketing campaigns per month for free. These campaigns include Wix branding. To upgrade the email marketing service you need an Ascend Premium package. We recommend the Professional Ascend Premium package which allows for 50 000 emails per month to be sent over 20 campaigns. This package costs R12000 per year ($48 p/m incl. Vat).

How to Set up Email marketing on Wix
Finding Email Marketing setup on Wix

You can send email campaigns from your Wix site by navigating to your site dashboard, clicking on Marketing and SEO, and Email Marketing.

Once again Marshall Arts offers email marketing services.

  • 1 email campaign R550.00

  • 2 email campaigns R1000.00

  • 3 email campaigns R1450.00

  • 4 email campaigns R1850.00

If you use our service on a yearly basis you get the standard 10% discount, so for example, if you need 4 email campaigns per month you would pay R1850.00 X 12 - 10% = R19 980.00 (R416.25 per email).

Online Shop

You can add an online store to your website by going into the website editor, clicking the plus sign, clicking on Online Store, and clicking add app. This will add the shop pages to your website. Once the shop pages have been added to your website you can add new products by navigating to the site dashboard and clicking on Online Store, Products, and Add New Product.

Marshall Arts can set up an online store for you with the below pricing structure:

Online store setup: R1750.00

Product uploads: R50 per product

Contact us for a discounted rate should your store have more than 100 products.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above why not let us know in the comments section, alternatively you could reach out to us to book a call with one of our sales consultants who would be happy to answer all of your questions (with no obligation to use our services).

Marshall Arts Creative Media House Pty Ltd is a Wix Top Partner and we have built over 200 Wix websites for clients all around the world. We not only build websites and create the content that goes on them but we consult for our clients across a wide range of digital solutions. If you have a business that needs to solve a problem online, Marshall Arts has your back. We know the internet and we love solving problems creatively.

If you enjoyed this short blog post and would like to receive an email when we publish ones just like it considers signing up for our newsletter in the footer below. We never send spam and would only email you (max) once per month.


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