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Wix Top Partners - Marshall Arts 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022

It's official and we're mad stoked. We even got sent a hat and flag.

This post is a bit of a gloat, but we're super excited to be considered one of the TOP Wix Partners around the world. Recently we were invited to join a discussion with just 19 other partners who are apparently the top 20 in world!

How does Wix rank their partners?

It's a good question, and we don't really know for sure, but what we were told is that it has to do with the volume of work we have produced and the diversity of Wix products we use. So basically we use a lot of Wix Plans and Apps and have a diverse portfolio of websites.

We are pretty proud of the fact that we have built sites on Wix for everyone from KFC and Disney, right down to local small businesses.

We've helped brands get online, we've helped multi-nationals stay online and we've helped entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

We are proud to be Wix Partners and look forward to many more successful years building, fixing, promoting and servicing Wix Websites.

Why Does the Partner Programme exist?

To help people with their Wix Websites. It really is that simple. Building a Wix site is easy for anyone, but sometimes you get stuck with one part, or you need something complex and don't know where to begin... That's where a partner comes into play. Partners are professionals in their fields and are pros on Wix. If someone is struggle with their website or some part of it, they can hire a Wix partner to help them fix it. Partners can even plan and execute social media campaigns, blog updates, store management and more. If you want to know more about how we can help you with your site - why not give us a call.


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