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Building an Ecommerce site on Wix (How easy is it?)

Rating: 3 star difficulty level.

Let's start by saying, building an Ecommerce website on Wix is probably the best way for big and small businesses to get an online store online fast. Wix is an incredible website builder that is

  1. easy to learn

  2. extremely functional

  3. makes updating an online store really easy and scalable

So, if it's so easy and great why doesn't everyone do it? Well that's where you have to look at what building an online store actually entails...

To build an online store you need:

  1. a GREAT product, that people want and has a good profit margin

  2. an awesome brand that people can understand, identify with and stay loyal to

  3. awesome photography of your products

  4. great reviews of your products

  5. a marketing platform like social media or some other way to drive traffic

  6. a marketing strategy and the content (pictures or videos etc.) to execute the strategy

  7. an extremely user friendly and professional looking websites, as "amateur-looking sites" are the number one cause for a person not trusting a website

  8. a registered business with a business bank account (this is so you can collect money)

  9. an account with a payment gateway provider (this is more difficult in stricter countries)

  10. a fulfilment strategy. - this is how you deliver your products to the people that buy them

That is a short but very important list of things you absolutely NEED before you even build a website. Once you have all of that, building a professional looking site, that is user friendly and functional are only two of your challenges. So being good at Wix doesn't mean you will have a successful online store. Being good at Wix is the easy part of owning an online business.

At Marshall Arts, we build stores for clients all the time. We provide a number of services that take care of all of those needs above. That's why people hire out agencies to build their online businesses all the time. Perfectly normal people with little to none of above "needs" taken care of, outsource their online business and make good money doing so. In a lot of ways, it is kind of like Ghost Writing a novel... Writing a novel is "easy enough" so long as you can speak and write... But there is so much more to a good novel than just the author's ability to craft a sentence. This is what website building agencies understand and it is the main reason to work with them.

What is awesome about Wix, is that even after the agency has built your site, it is easy enough for someone with absolutely ZERO website experience to take over and manage on their own.

Building a site with Wix from scratch, if you have zero website experience, will take you a little while but it is 100% possible and if you have all of the above needs taken care of and all that is missing is your site, then I seriously recommend you start building it right now.

But... if you only have a great product and you need everything else on that list, I seriously recommend working with agencies to outsource those jobs. You'd be surprised how little it can actually cost.

Of course if you decide to just go it alone and build yourself a Wix site then I do recommend checking out YouTube for step by step details on how to do that. There is a channel called the Wix Training Academy and they have over 483 videos about how to do things on Wix. So whether you are stuck with a small problem or need to know how to build a website from scratch, their channel is bound to have something relevant for you.

The above video link is a whole playlist created by the Wix Training Academy and it is the ultimate guide to creating an Ecommerce website on Wix. I highly recommend you check that out.

If you decide that you want to speak to us about building your Ecommerce site, managing your product photos, social media strategies, content and more - then why not book a call with us. It is totally free and comes with no obligations. We can just have a chat about what your business needs and then we'll send you a quote.


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