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Is building a Wix Website easy? (2022 Update)

Updated: May 7, 2022

The short answer is yes but the longer answer is "it depends".

What does it depend on? Well, it depends on what you are trying to achieve really. Wix is a really easy to learn and intuitive website builder that has limitless possibilities. This means that you can create any kind of website on Wix but knowing how to create any kind of website is where many people get stuck. If you simply want a basic site that looks like a template with your pictures in it, then Wix is by far the easiest tool out there to get your business online. But if you want a custom site that has specific features and functionality, it may be a little more difficult for the first time Wix user. That's why Wix has created the Wix Partner programme and the Wix MarketPlace. Through the Wix MarketPlace, users can find a Wix professional to assist them in building their websites. Some partners specialise in doing the basics very well, while other partners specialise in things like adding custom code to Wix sites to unlock extra functionality.

No matter your experience level, working with a Wix partner is a great option and makes the Wix platform very competitive in comparison to Wordpress or Squarespace which have no such programme to help their struggling users.

Can you learn Wix on your own?

Absolutely, but you also don't have to because Wix has a bunch of really good training and tutorials with my favourite one being on the Codecademy Website. If you are just getting into Wix and want to learn how to code Javascript, then this is the tutorial for you. Wix also has so many independent users making awesome YOUTUBE CONTENT THAT TEACHES OTHER USERS HOW TO USE WIX. So that is really great too!

Is Wix expensive?

This is one of the questions i get asked all the time. The short answer is no. The longer answer is, it depends. It depends on what you need. If you need an e-commerce platform, Wix is way cheaper than the alternatives and has way more functionality. If all you need is a simple one pager, then you can definitely build that cheaper on other platforms. I see Wix kind of like how I see Apple because Wix is one eco-system that has many components, where as Wordpress for example is a more open source platform that has people from around the world making components. This means you end u paying per feature on Wordpress, whereas on Wix you pay one fee and get all the features. In the long run, this makes Wix the cheaper option.

Here is a "short" list of just 115 of Wix's most sought after features:

  1. Activity Dashboard

  2. Activity Tracking

  3. Alerts/Notifications

  4. Appointment Management

  5. Attendance Management

  6. Attendance Tracking

  7. Attendee Management

  8. Availability Management

  9. Backlink Monitoring

  10. Billing & Invoicing

  11. Booking Management

  12. Calendar Management

  13. Campaign Management

  14. Catalog Creation

  15. Cataloging/Categorization

  16. Categorization/Grouping

  17. Chat/Messaging

  18. Class Management

  19. Class Scheduling

  20. Collaboration Tools

  21. Commenting/Notes

  22. Communication Management

  23. Confirmation/Reminders

  24. Contact Management

  25. Content Management

  26. Content Publishing Options

  27. Content Sharing

  28. Credit Card Processing

  29. Customer Accounts

  30. Customer History

  31. Customizable Branding

  32. Customizable Fields

  33. Customizable Forms

  34. Customizable Templates

  35. Dashboard

  36. Data Security

  37. Design Management

  38. Document Management

  39. Drag & Drop

  40. Email Management

  41. Email Marketing

  42. Employee Management

  43. Event Calendar

  44. Event Management

  45. Event Scheduling

  46. Event Triggered Actions

  47. For Small Businesses

  48. Form Builder

  49. Forms Management

  50. Full Text Search

  51. HTML5 Technology

  52. Image Editing

  53. Image Library

  54. Instructor Management

  55. Inventory Management

  56. Invoice Management

  57. Keyword Rank Tracking

  58. Kitting

  59. Knowledge Base Management

  60. Landing Pages/Web Forms

  61. Membership Management

  62. Multi-Channel Campaigns

  63. Multi-Channel Communication

  64. Multi-Language

  65. Multi-Location

  66. Multi-Store

  67. Online Booking

  68. Online Booking Tools

  69. Online Forums

  70. Online Store Builder

  71. Order Management

  72. Order Tracking

  73. Payment Processing

  74. Point of Sale (POS)

  75. Post Management

  76. Post Scheduling

  77. Pre-built Templates

  78. Preview Functionality

  79. Product Catalog

  80. Promotions Management

  81. Publishing Options

  82. ROI Tracking

  83. Ratings / Reviews

  84. Real Time Editing

  85. Real Time Notifications

  86. Real-time Updates

  87. Recurring/Subscription Billing

  88. Registration Management

  89. Reminders

  90. Reporting & Statistics

  91. Reporting/Analytics

  92. Reservations Management

  93. Responsive

  94. SEO Management

  95. SMS Messaging

  96. SSL Security

  97. Search/Filter

  98. Shipping Management

  99. Shopping Cart

  100. Social Media Integration

  101. Support Ticket Management

  102. Survey Builder

  103. Template Management

  104. Templates

  105. Third Party Integrations

  106. Video Management

  107. Visitor Tracking

  108. WYSIWYG Editor

  109. Wait List Management

  110. Website Analytics

  111. Website Hosting

  112. Website Integration

  113. Website Management

  114. eCommerce Management

  115. Wix Partner Programme

Still not convinced? Why not give us a call and we can chat you through the decision making process. We do not "sell" wix plans or get commission for getting you on Wix and you have no obligation to work with us once you get on Wix. We are simply a dedicated Wix Partner agency that believes in the platform we use for our clients


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