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Hire a developer: Marshall Arts

Updated: May 11, 2022

Marshall Arts builds websites, apps and digital content for marketing and brand realisation. Our rates are super affordable and working with us is easy. If you are looking for someone to build your website, you should definitely click the button at the top of this page and book a call.

We build websites using a platform called Wix. You've probably heard of it before. Wix is an incredible website building solution that allows us to build any kind of website be it an Ecommerce site, a portfolio website, blog, livestream event site, VOD website or otherwise. Wix is versatile enough to achieve all of the above with ease. Wix also allows developers to use their coding language, called Velo, to do even more complex tasks allowing Wix to truly build any kind of website.

Wix is also amazing because they provide free web hosting and take care of all the website security once you pay for their "premium" subscription. Because Wix is a multi national, mulit billion dollar company they have a lot of resources dedicated to making sure their entire infrastructure is secure. With a Wix website you have the autonomy of building a custom site with the security infrastructure of a billion dollar company. That's one of the best reasons to use them. But that is not all... Wix is always up and always fast, reliable and efficient. Wix is also constantly being updated and improved with useful new features.

So enough about Wix, let's talk about hiring a developer. Is someone who builds Wix websites a "developer". No, not in the traditional sense. But do developers use Wix to get rapid website development off the ground, yes - absolutely.

Building a website on Wix is the difference between two weeks and two months of development in most cases. It makes the entire process cheaper and more efficient for the client and the developer. Paying someone to code an HTML website for something like an online store is a waste of time, money and energy and the project will likely fail because it is not a cost effective was to run an online business - especially if volume of trade is low.

So hiring a developer to build you an ecommerce site on Wix is the right idea because if you cant afford to pay the developer you can literally step in and within a couple of hours be able to take over the development of your site yourself - it really is that easy.

Once you have decided to hire a developer there are some things you should know:

  1. It helps tremendously when you know what you want to do. Do your research. Learn about what type of site you want to build and how you want it to work. Know what your goal is with the website. The more clearly you can express your goal, the greater the chance of the developer being able to achieve it.

  2. Get your branding ready before you build your website. A website is Two things: UI and UX. Your branding forms most of the UI elements of your site. Having a logo, pictures and the brand voice written in clear website copy is half the battle won. At Marshall we help our clients develop this material. Once this is in place the website building begins.

  3. Have a realistic and solid marketing plan for your website. Nothing hurts more than building a site that gets neglected after is built. Make sure you are ready to create Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts. You will also need other accounts like Google My Business and Marketing integrations like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. A website doesn't "need" all of these things but they are among some of the essentials if you want your website to be findable across the web.

  4. Know your budget and work with your developer to create a staged approach rather than an all-in push to get everything done at once. The internet rewards businesses that are in it for the long haul. Building a website that gets neglected is pointless because Google can tell when a website is not being updated. Facebook knows when a page is not being interactive with its audience. Have a staged approach to your development strategy to you can update regularly and stay on Google's watchlist.

  5. Be prepared to put in the work. A website owner is not a job without hard work. You have to be prepared to put in the time to make sure your website provides the experience that it says it does, in a way that makes every single customer feel amazing. Be prepared for the work it takes to do that.

If you are ready to hire a developer, why not book a call with us by the clicking the link at the top of this page.


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